As funding for clinical and product reimbursement gain momentum. We see accelerating Electronic Health Records’ accelerating and how they can improve patient and practice outcomes, creating efficiency, transparency and trust.

According to the recent report by CSB insight research on mental health market – January 2021, nearly 4 in 10 adults in the US reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder, while just 1 in 10 adults reported these conditions in January–June 2019. ( Source : CBS insights ) As mental health disorders become more widely acknowledged and less stigmatized, remote medical professionals are looking to install EHR systems.

Electronic Health Record – EHR EHR is how to digitize your health records. Medical practices use the EHR system to capture all the data, notes, diagnosis, prescriptions, documents, etc. It is the system that is tailored to your business flow, and as a provider, you can access the records of patients all in one place.

 An EHR designed right will help you 

o Reduced Labor

o Reduced Resource Use in General

o Reduced Resource Use From Clinical Decision Support

o Ensure higher Value Care Delivered

o Provide Analytics in terms of how your practice is run

o Ensure Overall Organizational Effectiveness

Ellora Systems – EHR + Telehealth Software As A Service Platform

At Ellora Systems, the Electronic Health Record solution makes it easier for clinicians to review patient data, document patient information and meetings using templates, and clinicians spend less time contacting patients to remind patients about their appointments.

Our solution minimizes resource consumption. With Ellora Systems EHRs, clinicians have fewer paper forms. The ease of access of patient medical history and information all in one spot, allows clinicians to treat patients faster, diagnose the patient earlier and more accurately, and manage medication better, ensuring improved care delivery.

The data-driven approach helps you collect data and provides the medical practice analysis to gain insights on usage and adoption.

Finally, clinicians reduce the chances of malpractice due to better documentation. Can collaborate between partners and other providers, and billing becomes easier.

The last and most important part of adopting the solution is time to deploy and financial constraints. Ellora Systems solution is an affordable and subscription-based software as a service. You can get a system fully customized and launched just within days, which includes branding, customization of forms for your practice, and the time it takes to train the users on the new system.

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Author : DJ Ursal – Chief Product Officer, Ellora Systems.

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