About Ellora

Mission Statement

Our brand reflects our shared global resources, expertise, and mission to deliver much-needed care and support to mental health practices to access their patients regardless of location. Working together, we will continue to improve the communities we serve by offering a reliable, affordable, and sustainable solution for mental health providers.  Ellora applying technology to problems of emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

Headquarters: Massachusetts USA

We are a private company based in Marlborough, Massachusetts, and have an offshore development office in India. Ellora spun out of the founder’s Innovation Lab a few years ago, as we delivered a national implementation of a complex Telehealth platform. With over 13 years of Product development experience in healthcare, the Ellora team decided to address the current and future market needs for Mental and Behavioral Health. At Ellora, our staff comes from all corners of the technology industry. Our team has backgrounds in design, engineering, or product management. Engineers with their forte in the frontend, backend, full-stack, security, and data-related skills contribute to tailoring the best experience. Our objective is to design for simplicity, consistency, and ease of use.

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How to get started with Ellora

Contact our customer service center at: 1- 857-239-0624
Email us at: hello@ellorasystems.com