We at Ellora understand that change takes buy-in from many people for meaningful success in digital transformation. Seeing the opportunities and threats for our clients, creating a shared sense of urgency, developing a vision, communicating, empowering, and driving focused action-these all are very important to us as we embark on the journey not just as service providers but as trusted advisors.

At Ellora, our staff comes from all corners of the technology industry. Our team has backgrounds in design, engineering, or product management. Engineers with their forte in the frontend, backend, full-stack, security, and data-related skills contribute to tailoring the best experience. Our objective is to design for simplicity, consistency, and ease of use.

Ellora Systems makes access to care easier in Papua New Guinea.

CPL owns the largest pharmacy chain on the island country of Papua New Guinea, along with other businesses. CPL plays a critical role in providing products, services & jobs in the local community. CPL’s healthcare expansion plan included providing people with access to Registered Nurse & Doctors. It was one of the most significant moves in CPL’s business history. It was then that CPL sought the use of the Ellora Systems EHR + Telehealth Platform. Ellora’s rapid onboarding and hands-on training ensured the nurses & doctors were onboarded in no time and started making roughly 2000 appointments within the first month of the implementation.

It is always a moment of pride for our team to see how our system is helping patients connect with doctors and caregivers across the globe. Another feather in our cap as City Pharmacy PNG, Papua New Guinea, launches it’s E-Clinic powered by Ellora Systems.


How Ellora Systems Made a Difference

  • Ellora’s EHR + telehealth platform ensured patients had easy access to care providers.
  • Customized the system to suit the needs of the developing market with infrastructural limitations.
  • Created end-to-end data capture to provide the business with more strategic information.


Ellora Systems makes access to care easier in Papua New Guinea.

Ellora Systems makes access to care easier in Papua New Guinea.

For the team at Ellora, we knew that this was a project with a higher purpose, and we made it our mission to meet the client’s objectives and ultimately change the landscape of healthcare distribution in Papua New Guinea.

Visit : https://www.ellorasystems.com  Your Practice Made Simple.

Author : DJ Ursal – Chief Product Officer, Ellora Systems.

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