Scientific research shows that the practice of mindful meditation increases your dependability and raises your performance. One can make better, more thoughtful decisions. An article from the Harvard Business Review (HBR) highlights just how vital mindfulness practice can be to enhance our capacity to embrace change and manage stress. It cites many benefits that are key for anyone performing in a high-level business environment. (Source: Mindfulness-can-literally-change-your-brain, Harvard Business Review).

Just taking a 5-minute break at work desk by standing up and stretching and then sitting down by adjusting our posture and closing your eyes for 5 min is a great way to refocus your energy during the midday or any time of the day. It has so many benefits. Adjusting your posture from time to time is beneficial for body alignment, and closing your eyes for 5 minutes gives your eyes a break. The most important benefit is it helps bring back your awareness with much-focused energy at a task, especially if you are in front of a computer screen for long periods.

Several studies have indicated a positive impact of meditation in reducing stress and enhancing general wellbeing.

If any of you have taken theater class before, you can recall the importance of breath control. Breath control determines the carrying power and loudness of your voice. Breath control also leads to focus and concentration.

Try it, right now at this very moment as you are reading the blog, become aware of your breath. Take a deep breath in and take long breath out. Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. Do you notice how your awareness is drawn to the breath, and your mind’s focus changes?

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Mindfulness can literally change your brain – Harvard Business Review.

Author : DJ Ursal – Chief Product Officer, Ellora Systems.

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